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Christina Chung FYI AKA Chungy IRL
is a designer and mostly patient person who is process oriented, thrives in collaboration, is options and solution seeking, and gets creative with the constraints. 

I’ve been an educator and admin in Oakland where everyday was the ultimate real-life design challenge. With an amazing team, we built a new and innovative school that shifted the culture of school as community. My students taught me about what it means to be resilient with empathy, passion, and determination. 

Regularly obsessed with Y2K & early internet chat room days (#ripAOL), I’m forever chasing the distinct feeling of being a free-spirited ESPRIT kid where courageous creativity knew no bounds. 

I’m also on Medium. Wrote a thing about quarantined March 2020 WFH life about starting up a school while stuck at home with my family trying to homeschool. Think back to those first few weeks before/around March 13, 2020 - back when we knew NOTHING. Looking back, this is practically vintage web by now. Let my pain be your pleasure! 

You can find me doing a weekly live DJ stream on Twitch, every Tuesday at 10:30a-12p PST. Come join the chat, check ur emails, get ur work done while getting ur musical inspo for the week. 

Need more Chungy? Find more here at Shrimps in Space.

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Tuesday Jan 14 2020